Common Plumbing Problems and Solutions

Low pressure or flow at faucets

Aerators may be clogged. Remove and clean them.

Not enough hot water

Elements or thermostats may be bad. This is not a recommended homeowner repair. Contact us for a service call.

Slow Drains

Lavatory: Remove pop up stopper and check for a hair clog. If no clog is visible, the stoppage is further in the line and will require a service call.

Tubs: Remove stopper and check for a hair clog, if not visible clog may be in trap or further down the line.

Bad smell in water

Hot water only: Anode rod in water heater may be bad or you could have a bacteria build up in the system. This not a homeowner recommended repair.

Cold and hot water: Water system may be contaminated. Contact us for a water test.

Drastic increase in water bill or usage

Toilets may be leaking; place some food coloring in toilet tank and check the toilet bowl after 10 minutes for any color change. If there is a color change, replace the flapper.

If you don’t see a color change in the toilet bowl, the water main may be leaking underground. This is not a homeowner recommended repair, as it is difficult to diagnose and pinpoint.

Noticeable surges in pressure on well system

Noticeable surges in pressure may indicate possible tank or electrical problems. Contact us for a diagnosis.

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